This section explains about the governance which is what makes the entire protocol decentralized.

Governance for the lending protocol inherits from MahaDAO's governance. Ownership to the core contracts is set to the governance's multi-sig.

Governance consists of the proposition and decision-making process for the different risk parameter changes, improvements and incentives that constitute the policies, and upgrades to governance itself. All future decisions governing the protocol will be enacted through this procedure.

To understand more about how governance works, visit the MahaDAO Guidebook for Governance.

Submitting a Proposal

For making changes or proposals to the MahaLend protocol (for example: an asset listing), all proposals go through first an in-depth discussion on the Discussion Forums.

The discussion forums are a great way for the community to get engaged with various proposals and to discuss the pros and cons of each proposal. Once the proposal has been discussed in detail, it is then put up for a vote on Tally.

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