Supply Collaterals

A step-by-step tutorial on Supplying

Step 1: If you want to supply, you need to navigate to the dashboard section on the page.

Step 2: Here, you will see different assets that have been listed and select which of them you want to supply. In the supply section you can select an asset from any of them and supply an amount into it.

Step 3: Once you have selected an asset, you will be directed to the next modal wherein all the details regarding that asset will be given as an overview such as the liquidity rate, and supply APY.

Step 4: You must input an amount and click on 'continue.'

Step 5: Once you have clicked on continue, you will get a wallet update approval regarding the transaction wherein you will need to click on 'approve'.

Step 6: Once you confirm the wallet transaction you will need to click on 'supply'.

Step 7: Once you have received the wallet confirmation regarding the approval of the transaction, approve it, and that completes the supply process.

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